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We are happy to welcome you to the official website of Verichip Corp! We will show you how to save 90% on drugs for erectile dysfunction without any risks! Are you already interested? Then, keep on reading. This platform is the service for searching for the best offers on generic Viagra and other ED meds from online pharmacies.

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  • Cheap prices. It may be hard for you to believe, but the difference can truly reach up to 90%! That is the result of governmental regulation.
  • Swift delivery. In most cases, it takes several days only.
  • Comfortable and discreet customer service.

So, we offer you to reduce drug expenses by 10 times. Why miss such an advantageous opportunity? We will take all the risks and problems upon ourselves. Everything you need to do is to find a suitable offer on our website and to place an order. We will take care of all the rest.

Our service provides:

  • a quick and easy search;
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  • products that meet international quality and safety standards (and that is confirmed by documents);
  • regular sales and promotions;
  • fast and safe shipping at affordable prices (or even for free);
  • courier services and overnight delivery (if you need a medicine without a delay);
  • anonymous consultations with certified pharmacists;
  • protection of your money and personal data;
  • a big collection of informative articles about ED meds.

Ordering ED Medications Online: What Should A Customer Know?

Why do so many patients choose to buy medications on the Internet? It is quick, convenient, and safe. More to the point, it allows reducing drug expenses by several times.

Some clients believe that they can buy Viagra or another ED drug on the Internet without a prescription. But that is a myth. Legal online drugstores sell such medications on prescription only. If the managers of a company value their reputation and take care of the safety of clients, they will never get involved in such doubtful schemes. Hence, you will have to visit your doctor in any case. It will require some time and effort, but that will also protect you from dangerous health consequences and related expenses.

What to do if you have already received a prescription? Go to our website and search for the best offer on the drug needed. In case you experience any difficulties in choosing a suitable product, get in touch with our support specialist.

What Companies Produce Generic ED Drugs in Canada and the USA?

The hottest news about ED medications in 2020 ― the US patent on Viagra has eventually expired. Millions of customers in the USA have been eagerly waiting for this moment for several recent years. This news means that they will get access to more affordable generic variants of the medication in the nearest future. Before that, consumers from the USA were offered generic Viagra by Pfizer and Teva only. At first, the prices of these products were set at the level of about 50% of the prices of original medications. Later, they were reduced to about $5–10 per pill, which is quite low, but still not affordable enough. And, when generics by other manufacturers enter the market, prices are likely to drop much lower. In addition to the manufacturers mentioned above, the FDA has already provided approval to produce and distribute generic Viagra to 11 companies, including Mylan, Sunshine, Rubicon. As for the situation in Canada, there, generic Viagra became available several years ago. Today, several local companies are involved in the production of these generics, including Apotex, Accel, Auro, Jamp, Mylan, Teva, Pharmaris, and others.

Speaking about Cialis, which is another popular ED drug, several US-based manufacturers have already managed to present their generic versions. The most well-known among them are Teva, Torrent, Camber, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. In Canada, generic Cialis is produced by Apotex, Auro, Jamp, Mylan, Pharmascience, and others.

There is one more ED medicine that has already lost patent protection in Canada and the USA ― Levitra. In the USA, 5 generic manufacturers have already received approval from the FDA: Teva, Macleods, Alembic, CrossMedika SA, Zydus. In Canada, generic Cialis is manufactured by Apotex, Jamp, Mylan.

Sildenafil Price Difference by Country

Traditionally, Viagra pills you will see on the shelves of the U.S. pharmacies, both physical and virtual, will feature the highest price. It is not unusual for generics of Viagra in the U.S. up to $35,00 per item, which is half the cost of the original drug but still feels too steep and unreasonable. There are no Viagra generics imported from the low-cost tier manufacturers from India, New Zealand or Israel.

In Canada, the prices for pharmaceutical products are regulated by the government, which gives multiple opportunities for consumers to choose from a variety of low to medium prices for the popular pills, including Viagra and its generics. You can find Generic Viagra at prices starting from $0.47 per pill, which makes the difference between Canadian and American pharmacies huge.

In Australia, the price of Viagra and other meds is regulated by the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and is fixed at around $60,00, which is still very high compared to other options available on the international market. But here, too, Viagra generics ordered over the Internet cost less.

Technically, there is always a possibility to mail-order Viagra from Canadian pharmacies, wherever you live. But you need to observe the import rules in your country. Thus, Americans are required to be able to prove their intention to use the medications they order for personal purposes. Choosing your e-pharmacy smart will translate in assistance with the order and delivery, so do some legwork before committing to any particular e-store.

What makes Canadian Pharmacy popular in other countries?

As is seen from above, Canadians pay considerably less for healthcare items. The system of government controls ensures that the price does not go up above a certain (rather low!) limit. The cost of medications does not include expensive markups sought-after by pharmaceutical giants, as it is the case in the U.S. and many other countries of the world.

At the same time, the quality controls are as rigid as in the States. It is commonly known that the quality of medicine services and products for health are one of the highest in Canada, with many patients traveling to the country for medicinal reasons.

This creates a perfect storm of consumer opportunities, and attracts shoppers from the neighboring U.S., as well as people from other countries. Ordering drugs in Canadian pharmacies is simple, effective and always safe – no other country can compete with Canada in terms of drug cost-effectiveness.

The pharmacy services here are so popular among outlander customers that the healthcare authorities are legitimately concerned for the depletion of resources in the country. It is said that local pharmacists fear that increasing popularity of local drugstores will leave a gap in the domestic demand-supply relations.

How to Safely Try ED Pills for the First Time

  1. Schedule a consultation with your doctor. It is a key rule ― medicines for treating erectile dysfunction belong to prescription medications.
  2. Strive to be open and frank during the consultation. Tell a specialist about the symptoms you experience and the coexisting health problems you have. Also, prepare a list of all the medicines (prescription and over-the-counter) that you take. Keep in mind that Viagra, Cialis, and all the other ED tablets have a long list of contraindications.
  3. Receive a prescription and choose a trustworthy pharmacy.
  4. Stick to the dose prescribed by your doctor. You should never increase it, even if you do not feel any effect.
  5. Study the information on the leaflet, which you will find in the pack. If you have any questions, feel free to turn to a pharmacist.
  6. Give the drug enough time to get absorbed and start working. If you use Viagra or Levitra, take it 60 minutes before sexual intercourse, Cialis or Stendra ― 30 minutes. Such medications provide therapeutic effects for several hours, so you have enough time in reserve.
  7. Wash down a pill with a glass of water. That will ensure the quick absorption of the active ingredient.
  8. Keep in mind that ED medications act only when a man is sexually aroused. They do not cause erections without sexual stimulation.
  9. It is advisable to avoid fatty and filling meals before sex. Such food is likely to slow down the absorption of an ED drug.
  10. To minimize the risk of side effects, refrain from alcoholic drinks. Besides, alcohol is likely to make an erection weaker.
  11. If you do not feel any therapeutic effect, contact your doctor. The specialist will probably recommend you to make another try.
  12. Never take more than 1 ED pill per 24 hours.
  13. Do not split pills.
  14. Avoid driving, cycling, and other potentially dangerous activities after taking ED medications. The reason ― the risk of dizziness, fainting, problems with concentration, and similar side effects.
  15. If an erection lasts for more than 4 hours, call an ambulance. That condition can lead to penile injuries.
  16. In case you notice any side effects, consulting a medical specialist is a must. Even a minor symptom can turn out to be a sign of a dangerous condition. The most threatening potential side effects include pains in the chest, breath shortness, fainting, sight problems, violent headaches. Still, one should highlight that, if you follow the recommendations provided by your doctor, the risk of adverse effects will be minimal. Another great piece of news ― there is a good chance that a doctor will help you get rid of adverse side effects without canceling a prescription.
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