Our Products


Verichip HealthID division develops innovative health solutions for consumers, businesses and animals. From blood glucose monitoring and other diabetes management products to rapid virus detection, Verichip is charting new ground with its exciting array of new medical technologies.

Diabetes Management

In February 2010, Verichip acquired the intellectual property rights and assets of Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, LLC, to expand its portfolio of non-invasive glucose-level testing products and diabetes management tools under development. With the Easy Check acquisition came two development products: the Easy Check breath glucose test , a non-invasive glucose detection system that measures acetone levels in a patient s exhaled breath; and the iGlucose system, which uses wireless SMS messaging to automatically communicate a diabetic s glucose readings to the iGlucose online database.


In addition to our intellectual property surrounding the implantable RFID microchip for patient identification, we own patents related to an embedded bio-sensor system. One potential application of this bio-sensor system is an implantable, bio-sensing RFID microchip to measure glucose levels in the body in real time.

MicroFluidic Systems

Verichip’s MicroFluidic Systems division, which operates as its MicroFluidic Systems (“MFS”) subsidiary, develops sample preparation and biological detection systems. MFS began developing complex microfluidic systems to perform sample processing and purification for the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA). It then developed a similar system, including a thermal cycler for PCR analysis for the US Army’s Edgewood Chemical and Biological Command (ECBC).