Viagra Generic at Verichip Corporation (Sildenafil Citrate Tablets)

Generic Viagra remains the top ED drug in the pharmaceutical market and keeps its position amongst best selling drugs of all time. It has a wide field of possible applications and used as the most effective “when needed” solution for men who have different in severity difficulties with erection.

How To Take

The main administration method of Viagra and all its generics is orally. There are two popular form-factors – soluble pills that you can dissolve under your tongue and tablets for swallowing. Both options are equally effective. Soluble pills are rumored to activate faster but the difference is in minutes and often does not justify the price difference.

In order to avoid problems and complications, follow simple rules of taking Viagra.

  • Never exceed recommended dosages and do not take multiple tablets per day or for each intercourse. The drug is taken when needed and the effects persists for up to 3-8 hours depending on your physiology.
  • The preferred method of taking the drug is on empty stomach. High fat foods will significantly slow down the adsorption of the active ingredient and reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Eating light meals is preferable.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or use recreational drugs together with generic Viagra. Sildenafil Citrate is a vasodilator. Alcohol and many drugs also lower the blood pressure notably. The combination of these effects may lead to life threatening levels of blood pressure.
  • Never split tablets if you need a smaller dose. Tablets do not last if the protective layer is compromised. Instead, purchase pills with appropriate strength and use them accordingly to your preferences.
  • Take the drug only when needed (do not use as a recreational once per day drug). It is recommended to take a pill of a required strength 30-60 minutes before the intercourse.

Correct dosages are very important to reach the maximum effect. Choosing the right strength is fairly simple but will often require you to purchase several pills of different strengths in order to identify the most efficient option. There are various traits of your physiology as well as the severity of the issue and these factors significantly affect the optimal dosage.

However, you can follow these simple recommendations in the vast majority of cases.

  1. Starting dosage is 10mg. If this pill does not work for you, try increasing the dosages to 25mg. The maximum available strength that is considered safe for usage is 100mg. Slowly increase the dosage up to this amount until you can feel the effect.
  2. Reduce the dosage according to other factors. If you are using beta-blockers or alpha-blockers, you may still be able to use Viagra, but you will need to reduce the dosage to less than 25mg per intake.
  3. In the vast majority of scenarios 25mg or 50mg pills will suffice. Remember that while the drug is not toxic, high quantities of the compound in the organism may significantly lower the blood pressure or negatively affect the heart rate. 25mg is considered the safest amount of drug.

Side Effects

Despite the general safety of the drug, Sildenafil Citrate is still an Rx medication meaning that must be used with care. There are multiple possible adverse effects that users should be aware of. Some of the effects are quite common and will not be dangerous.

However, if any of the symptoms below bother you in any way, immediately seek for medical attention to avoid further complications.

  • Cardiovascular system. The drug may induce or worsen arrhythmia and several other diseases related to the system. If you feel pains in the chest slowly moving to other neighboring areas of the body or experience unusual changes in heart rate, call your medical care provider immediately.
  • Extremely rare cases of adverse effects may occur in patients using the drug. Vision changes (blurry vision, blindness, color perception changes) are concerning issues as well as loss of hearing. Both effects are temporary and will eventually wear off, but seeing a doctor is strongly recommended.
  • Frequently occurring effects (10-16%). Headache, flushing, red face.
  • Occasionally occurring (3-4%). Dizziness, dyspepsia, stuffy or runny nose.
  • Rarely occurring (1-2%). Changes in vision or hearing, nausea, myalgia, rash.
  • Extremely rare (less than 1%). Priapism, loss of vision.
  • Possible problems related to other drugs. Do not use the drug together with Ritonavir and several other antiviral drugs in order to avoid allergy-like issues. Avoid using with other PDE5 inhibitors, alpha-blockers, nitrates, and Amplodine.
  • Problems related to health issues. There are possible complications that may be triggered by using generic Viagra while having kidney, liver or heart diseases, leukemia and other problems with blood. Do not use the drug if you have hypersensitivity towards specific ingredients of the drug.


It is fairly hard to overdose on generic Viagra since the drug is not accumulating in the bodily tissues. However, a critical amount of the drug exceeds 800mg. If you use more than 25mg, you may experience various adverse effects more severe compared to effects notable when using regular dosages. If you suspect that you overdosed, visit your medical health provider.

There are several available similar drugs that you can try using instead of generic Viagra. It is not recommended to substitute the medication with herbal options like ginseng or Yohimbe. There is a plenty of other PDE5 inhibitors that you can use.

  1. Cialis/Tadalafil. A direct competitor of generic Viagra. Cialis is popular amongst men who do not like planning their intercourses and want a more stable result. The drug is taken as a recreational medication daily. It can be used both as a good way to counteract benign prostate hyperplasia and a strong drug against erectile dysfunction.
  2. Levitra/Vardenafil. Another direct competitor of generic Viagra. It is also a PDE5 inhibitor that works similarly to Sildenafil and has nearly the same time window to adsorb and metabolize. An important upside of Levitra is that is also helps to prevent premature ejaculation in some men. This is not a reliable solution, but it helps in roughly 55-57% of cases.
  3. Malegra FXT. This is a fames combination of Sildenafil Citrate and Fluoxetine. You can find multiple variations of the drug in the market. This is a good pill that will help you to achieve and maintain strong erection as well as ensure that you can last much longer during your sexual activities.

Facts and Numbers of Generic Viagra

Brand Viagra is one of the most successful drugs in the history of the industry. After two years of complete dominance and sticking to the TOP 3 of bestselling brands in the market, the drug constantly shows up in the TOP 100 of drugs regardless of competition. A dip in popularity occurred in 2008-2010, but the situation was back to normal ever since 2011 when the brand made its way back to the TOP 50 position. Over 1.8 billion of units sold and roughly $1.68 billion in revenue annually – these are really impressive numbers.

In 1998, the drug skyrocketed in popularity amongst younger men without ED problems. Some studies indicate that the increase was a tremendous 312% for users under 45 years old. While only 216% increase was noted in popularity amongst men aged over 45 years.

An extensive study by the HSCIC organization revealed that 1.7 million prescriptions for Viagra and its generics were issued in 2016. This is a healthy 17.5% growth compared to the same number in 2013 and more than 41% growth compared to 2004. This data comes mostly from the USA and Mexica. The overall increase in consumption of Sildenafil increased by 86% since 2013 mostly due to the availability of cheap high quality generics.

The most Viagra consuming state of the USA is California. Locals purchase over 13% of all Viagra that is sold on the soil of the country. At the same time, roughly 46% of overall sales happen in New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and New Jersey. Other huge contributors are Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio. In other parts of the country the drug is way less popular even after the arrival of generics to the market.

One of the biggest corporate consumers of Viagra is, surprisingly, Pentagon. This military institution purchases $84 million worth of drug each year according to several information agencies. The organization spent over $295 million since 2011 and the reason why militaries need Viagra is simple – Pentagon covers medical bills or retired veterans and some of them do need Sildenafil Citrate.

Sildenafil Citrate can be used in the flower business. An interesting study revealed that a small amount of the compound dissolved in water can help flowers to keep their robustness and freshness for longer after being cut. This is a minor research but the potential for the flower industry is quite interesting. We may soon use Generic Viagra to keep a bouquet fresher at home!

Reportedly, over 30 million men worldwide have been officially prescribed with the drug. This is a huge number for a relatively expensive drug. However, the amount of data available to market researchers does not cover Asian and African countries where generics are way more prevalent. The real number of regular Viagra users exceeds mere 30 million.

Some research suggest that Viagra can be very effective against jet lag which is a common issue with modern travelling and switching time zones. However, the research is still far from being truly applicable. The discovery that Sildenafil can adjust the sleep/wake rhythm in mammals could have been outstanding if it was not made by scientists who worked with hamsters.

Another interesting discovery about the drug is that it can significantly improve one’s academic sport results. The doping effect was noticed in athletes who performed in high altitudes (close to 3.5-4 thousand meters above the level of sea). Their results were roughly 40% better compared to people who also took Viagra but engaged in physical activities “on the ground”.

Hundreds of thousands people all over the world struggle with Raynaud’s. This is a relatively rare condition that prevents blood from reaching fingers and toes usually due to various external distress. This is not a life threatening but certainly quite bothersome issue that troubles many people all around the world. Interestingly enough, generic Viagra even in small dosages can help to revert the issue when needed.

Sales of generic Viagra continue to grow around the world. As mentioned previously, the demand grew with the emergence of generics which are cheaper and thus more affordable. Roughly 17% of all sales in North America are courtesy of online services.


Does Natural Viagra Exist?

The closest natural compound that can be used to both relief blood pressure and help with erection is the extract of Yohimbe bark that has similar yet much weaker pharmaceutical properties as Sildenafil. There are other natural vasodilators that may help, but their efficiency is way less notable compared to artificially created PDE5 inhibitors.

Does Viagra Really Work?

The success rate has been amongst the highest in the industry with over 66% of patients reporting notable improvements to their conditions according to the most conservative studies. Some researches claim that generic Viagra helps in over 80% of cases with up to 92% of patients reporting at least some kind of effect.

Can Women Use Viagra?

While the drug was designed specifically to help men to achieve erection easier and maintain control over it, the medication can be used in women who experience sexual dysfunctions especially those that deny physical enjoyment. Sildenafil Citrate helps to funnel the blood to the clitoris and improve the sensation in the genital area. However, there special Female Viagra that was designed specifically for women.

Should I Use Generic Viagra or Brand Viagra?

The vast majority of medications containing Sildenafil Citrate are high quality pharmaceutical products. Generic versions are often equal to brand versions of the medication and you can safely choose between different drugs without doubting the quality of meds featured in Verichip catalogues. Generics are generally cheaper and come in different strengths which may be beneficial for some patients.

Are There Viable Alternatives for Viagra?

You may try using other medications with similar effects like Prostaglandin E1 or herbal extracts on Ginseng. The efficiency of these drugs is questionable. Ginseng is a staple in Chinese medicine but Placebo tests showed that only 57% of patients actually feel better (this is statistically important). Prostaglandin E1 is a more reliable yet also slightly less safe drug.

What If the Drug Doesn’t Work?

It is absolutely possible that Sildenafil Citrate may be not for you. There are several possible reasons. The drug does not help patients whose erectile dysfunction has a psychological root. If a man does not experience a desire to have sex, the erection will not be achieved even with an intake of Viagra. Some people cannot use generic Viagra due to interactions with other Rx drugs and health related issues.

What Is a Perfect Age to Start Using Viagra?

There are no age limitations (obviously, children should not use it). Men may start experiencing difficulties with erection at any given moment of their lives due to various reasons. Viagra is a great answer to the problem and can be used by men of all ages. Typically, erection issues start haunting men in their 40s and 50s.

Is It Hard to Get a Prescription for Viagra?

The prescription is usually the first thing you will get if you are honest with your doctor. The drug is relatively safe to use when you do not mix it with recreational drugs and alcohol and has a small range of drugs that negatively interact with it. Just visit your doctor and do not be afraid to explain your problem openly.

What Is Better Viagra Soluble Pills or Regular Tablets?

While some people claim that dissolving pills under the tongue speeds up the pharmaceutical effect, the reality is that the improvement is barely noticeable. There is no significant difference between two methods of administration. Just swallowing a small pill is much easier.