Investors FAQ

Where is VeriChip headquartered?

VeriChip is headquartered in Delray Beach, FL.

Where is the Company incorporated?

VeriChip is incorporated in Delaware.

What is VeriChip’s ticker symbol and on what stock exchange do the Company’s common shares trade?

VeriChip currently trades under the symbol “CHIP” on the NASDAQ.

When does VeriChip’s fiscal year end?

VeriChip’s fiscal year ends on December 31.

When does VeriChip report its quarterly results?

The Company typically reports its first quarter (January-March) results in early May, its second quarter (April-June) results in early August, its third quarter (July-September) results in early November, and its fourth quarter (October-December) results in early March.

How can I receive a Form 10-Q, 10-K or a Proxy Statement?

Those documents are available on this website through the SEC Filings page in the Investor Relations section.

Can I purchase shares directly from the Company?

At this time, VeriChip does not offer a direct stock purchase program.

How do I make changes to, or find out information about, my stock certificate?

Contact VeriChip’s transfer agent, Registrar & Transfer, shown above.

I own VeriChip stock but I never receive an annual report or notice of the annual meeting. How can that be?

If you’ve changed addresses since first owning the stock, you should be sure the transfer agent has your most current address on file. If you have your stock certificates in your personal possession, you are responsible for notifying the transfer agent of any change in personal information, including changes of address, etc. If your stock is held in a brokerage account, your broker is responsible for maintaining your accurate information with VeriChip’s transfer agent, Registrar & Transfer.

Who are VeriChip’s independent auditors?

Eisner LLP, New York, NY